Area Rugs Cleaning in Kitchener-Waterloo

For area rugs, the team at AAA Steam Carpet Cleaning suggests in-shop cleaning because it’s better controlled and we can fully inspect your rug under our special shop light. Overall, it just yields more impressive results. That being said, we do offer in-home rug cleaning for some rugs due to sheer size, permanent furnishings, wall units or at the request of the homeowner. Call to set up an appointment.

At AAA Steam Clean, we take great pride in restoring your area rugs as close as possible to like new condition!

Whether they be synthetic or natural, we do them all, including acrylic, nylon, olefin, polyester, cotton, wool, silk and many others.

When you bring your rug to our shop, the first order of business is to determine exactly which type of fibre it is. Then, both sides of the rug are thoroughly vacuumed, followed by a close inspection by our trained technicians to check for stains or other problems.

Depending on the fibre, we may apply a specialized pre-spray and groom it into the rug. After 10-15 minutes of dwell time, we use our truck mounted systems to hot water extract the area rug. During the extraction our technicians will treat stubborn stains and set the carpet pile post clean.

The rug will then be hung on our custom designed dry bars and remain there for optimal drying time. Finally, we roll the carpet and store it in our climate controlled dry storage room. The entire process typically requires one week to allow for the best possible cleaning and drying of your area rug.

AAA Steam Carpet and Duct Cleaning is the best in the business when it comes to cleaning area rugs, but every carpet has its own story and, unfortunately, some stains simply cannot be removed. Examples of this are bleaching and colour transfer. Our technicians will treat these areas with special attention to mitigate the problem as best as possible. As well, we offer area rug protector products to help prevent future stains from permeating into the carpet fibres.

Another common issue is pet urine. We offer a specialized urine treatment that will remove such deposits from your area rug. A UV light is used to find the urine spots, then the affected areas are soaked and the urine is extracted using our truck mounts.

Under normal wear, AAA Steam and Carpet Cleaning suggests cleaning your area rug every one to five years depending on the colour of the rug and the amount of traffic it receives. If you have pets or unusually high traffic, a cleaning every year would be ideal.

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