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Besides carpeting, our technicians have years of experience cleaning upholstered furniture. We can help your sofas and cushioned chairs smell fresh while getting rid of allergy-inducing dust, dirt and dander. Call AAA today to learn more about our residential cleaning services and set up an appointment.

AAA Steam Carpet and Duct Cleaning recognizes that your upholstered furniture represents a significant investment.

It also reflects your tastes and personality and is a source of pleasure for you and your family. Therefore, keeping your upholstered furniture clean and looking like the day it was purchased makes sense, extending the enjoyment you receive from it and from a clean home environment in general.

In fact, furniture manufacturers actually recommend having your upholstered furniture professionally cleaned every 12-36 months, depending on usage, in order to ensure the fabric stays vibrant and lasts longer. Indeed, research shows that upholstery that is maintained properly will last significantly longer. AAA’s team of technicians are trained professionals who use only the most advanced cleaning products, techniques and equipment to deliver superior results. Aside from an overall cleaning, stains are given particular attention and are included at no extra cost.

Our technicians take great care in cleaning your upholstered furniture and this care is extended to the care of your home and floors by using waterproof sheets before cleaning occurs. Drying time varies, with upholstered frames often being dry before we leave. Some items take longer, as much as 6-8 hours in the case of cushions and this depends on fabric type and filling material. AAA highly recommends application of our stain protectant after cleaning in order to prevent spills and such from permeating into the furniture fabric.

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